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自從在2000年頭推出首張大碟"les bonbons sont bons",便一直自資出版音樂(曲詞編唱樂器和出版)及其他方式的創作(如短篇電影、寫作及簡單繪畫)至今。最初她希望製造一些類似英式流行曲的音樂,但是由於她的音樂能力太不所以最後開始了製作簡單的流行曲。很多人覺得她的音樂很兒歌、得意和能令人放鬆,但其實她的歌詞通常都是關於生命/生活的痛苦和哀傷的。

她的音樂曾被多個電視廣告使用,包括九巴、中電、匯豐銀行、生力啤和在歐洲多國播放的KIA Motors等。西班牙獨立廠牌Elefant Records也曾替the pancakes出版過一張大碟及黑膠唱片,在其他國家發售。Dejay從第一套麥兜電影起便不定期地跟麥家碧和謝立文合作,其中為《麥兜菠蘿油王子》製作的《咁咁咁》獲得了第二十四屆香港電影金像獎最佳原創電影歌曲。 聽聽 the pancakes 的音樂

the pancakes (Dejay as the only member)

Since she released her debut album "les bonbons sont bons" in early 2000, she has been making music (melody, lyrics, arrangement, vocals, instruments and self-financed publishing) as well as other kinds of creative works (such as short film, writing and simple drawings). At the very beginning she wanted to make Brit-pop like music, but as she is too musically incompetent, she turned out to start making simple pop music. Many people find her music childlike, cute and calming, while the lyrics are mostly about the sorrow, grief and pain in life.

Her tunes have appeared in various TV commercials, e.g. KMB (bus company), CLP Power (electricity company), HSBC, San Miguel Beer, KIA Motors (broadcast in various countries in Europe), etc. The Spanish indie label Elefant Records has released an album and a vinyl of the pancakes which were introduced and sold in other countries. Dejay has been working irregularly with Alice Mak and Brian Tse since the first McDull movie and the song "Gum Gum Gum" for the film "McDull, Prince de la Bun" has won the 24th Hong Kong Film Awards' "Best Original Film Song". listen to the pancakes' music


discography / details


1. les bonbons sont bons
- 1st album, january 2000

2. pancakes can panick 
- 2nd album, august 2000

3. all already ready 
- 3rd album, may 2002

4. stereo radio / left 
- 4th album, february 2003

5. stereo radio / right 
- 5th album, august 2003

6. everyone has a secret
- 6th album, september 2005

7. 1,2,3,4,5,6, cheese!
- 7th album, october 2007

8. sometimes i just can't remember all the things we did together"
old and new songs, june 2010

9. 腦殘遊記
- 8th album, july 2011

other CDs:
1. captain curtain 
- 7"  vinyl single, march 2001, released by elefant records

2. ok karaoke 
- mini-album made with alok, july 2001

3. flying in the blue sky on a frying pan 
- album, november 2001, released by elefant records

other releases:
1. 尋找真愛 DVD / 2004
- written, directed, and edited by dejay

2. sometimes i can, sometimes not (live DVD) / 2008
- produced by dejay

3. 班門弄戟 (book in chinese) / 2005

4. 你知道我在等like嗎 (book in chinese) / 2013

plus other compilations


performances / details

solo concerts

1. reverie concert series no.1 - les bonbons sont bons 
- 25th march 2000, McAuley Studio, HK Arts Centre, 1 show

2. reverie concert series no.2 - pancakes can panick 
- 15th october 2000, HK Arts Centre, 1 show

3. reverie concert series no.3 - i was born today 
- 2nd december 2000, City Festival Theatre, Fringe Club, 1 show

4. reverie concert series no.4 - the end of your summer holiday
- 6th and 7th september 2002, Shouson Theatre, HK Arts Centre, 2 shows

5. reverie concert series no.5 – concert for one second
- 6th and 7th september 2003, Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall, 3 shows

6. reverie concert series no.6 – loons under the moon
- 23rd and 24th september 2005, Theatre, Ko Shan Theatre, 2 shows

7. reverie concert series no.7 – 這晚上與你拍手合唱
12.1.2008, Chan Shu Kui Community Hall, 1 show

8. reverie concert series no.8 – olala molala gig
6.9.2009, Fringe Gallery, Fringe Club, , 2 shows

9. reverie concert series no.9 – the pancakes' 10th anniversary happy together gig
9-10.1.2010, Hang Out, 3 shows

10. reverie concert series no.10 – sometimes i just want to earn some extra money
30.5.2010, Fringe Gallery, Fringe Club, , 2 shows

11. reverie concert series no.11 – 白痴仔音樂會
9-10.8.2011, Hang Out, 3 shows

plus over 160 local, mainland and overseas small-scale performances


TV commercials / details

1. Kowloon Motor Bus 
(song: a) july 2000

2. HSBC credit card
(song: patronage) december 2000

3. San Miguel 
(background music, 12 different clips) april 2001

4. China Light and Power Company Limited
(guest appearance and background music: 6 songs from les bonbons sonts bons) july 2001

5. San Miguel 
(background music) september 2001

6. Qoo! 
(background music arrangement and vocals) august 2002

7. 康文署 LCSD (McDull)
(background music arrangement) july 2006

8. KIA Motors
(song: tell me the truth before one of us dies) september 2007
broadcasting area: various countries in europe including france, germany, italy, spain and UK

9. CHP 衛生防護中心 (McDull)
(background music arrangement and vocals) august 2009

10. Hong Kong Wetland Park 香港濕地公園 - 麥兜電視廣告片
(voice-over for Miss Chan Chan) february 2010

11. 紫花油 Zi Hua Oil
點點點) august 2011

12. Red Bull
(song: stupid star lyrics re-written) april 2012

13. Nestle 笨NANA
(song: 笨nana) july 2012

14. Nestle 笨NANA
(song: 笨nana 2013) april 2013

15. 紫花油 Zi Hua Oil
(song: 點點點 2013) september 2013


with McMug / McDull

1. film "麥兜故事 My Life as McDull" / 2001
- voice-over for Miss Chan Chan
- film song "all things bright and beautiful" (singing only)

2. McMug CD-Rom series / 2002
- narration of the stories (cantonese version)
- background music (tailor-made)

3. film "麥兜菠蘿油王子 McDull, Prince de la Bun" / 2004
- voice-over for the young Mrs Mak
- film song "gum gum gum 咁咁咁" (melody, 1/2 lyrics, arranged, performed and sung)
(the 24th Hong Kong Film Awards' "Best Original Film Song")

4. film "春田花花同學會 McDull, the Alumni" / 2006
- voice-over for Miss Chan Chan
- film song "fing fing ha" (english lyrics, arranged, performed and sung)

5. RTHK TV programme and DVD "春田花花中華娃娃博物館" / 2006
- voice-over for Miss Chan Chan
- background music (from my released albums)
- re-arrangement of traditional chinese songs

6. Hong Kong Sinfonietta McDull Music Project / 2006
- presenter (as Miss Chan Chan)

7. 康文署 LCSD (McDull) TVC / 2006
(background music arrangement)

8. interviewing HK Chief Executive, Chief Secretary for Administration, Financial Secretary and Secretary for Justice with children / 2008

9. film "麥兜響噹噹 McDull Kungfu Kindergarten" / 2009
- voice-over for "sister"
- film song "McDull Kungfu Ding Ding Dong" (melody, 1/2 lyrics, arranged, performed and sung)

10. CHP 衛生防護中心 (McDull) TVC / 2009
(background music arrangement and vocals)

11. McDull 香港濕地公園 TVC / 2010
- voice-over for Miss Chan Chan

12. RTHK TV programme "春田花花創意BB班"
- voice-over for Miss Chan Chan
- background music (from my released albums)

13. film "麥兜噹噹伴我心 The Pork of Music" / 2012
- voice-over for Miss Chan Chan and other small characters
- film song "chinese song" (written, arranged and sung)

14. 麥兜低碳動畫 / 2013
- voice-over for Miss Chan Chan and other small characters
- background music (from my released albums)

15. 麥嘜說綠色科技app (itunes / android)
- background music (from my released albums)


other projects

1. Funland Vol. 2 CD-Rom / 2003
- theme song "陽光"

2. Catching's website / 2007
- website theme song (tailor-written)

3. doll-doll.com / 2007
- website theme song "a little story" (with postgal workshop

4. 環保小先鋒 / 2008
- theme song for the campaign "環保小先鋒" co-organised by the Environmental Campaign Committee and the Dairy Farm Group, to be played to kindergarten and primary pupils, and to be played inside Wellcome, Ikea, Mannings, 7-Eleven, etc

5. ifva / 2008
14th ifva theme song: 大踏步 (with postgal workshop 貓室)

6. theme song for CR2 radio programme "兒童適宜" / 2009

7. 34th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) / 2010
music for 癲噹 din-dong trailer (with postgal workshop 貓室)

8. 環保小先鋒 / 2010
- theme song for the campaign "環保小先鋒" co-organised by the Environmental Campaign Committee and the Dairy Farm Group, to be played to kindergarten and primary pupils

9. Microsoft Hong Kong / 2012
voice-over for some Microsoft video clips

10. Din-Dong Adventure 癲噹大冒險 / 2013
theme song and music for this app


plus music appearance in various 癲噹 din-dong videos and events

plus voice-over for some RTHK TV programmes


publications / columns / details

1. fanzine "Sofa 1", Oct 2000, publisher + editor + writer

2. fanzine "Sofa 2", Apr 2001, publisher + editor + writer

3. columnist of the magazine "East Touch" (march 2002 to march 2003, and july 2003 to february 2004)

4. 班門弄戟 (book in chinese, july 2005)
- published by kubrick

5. columnist of the magazine "friday" (august 2005 to july 2006)

6. 你知道我在等like嗎 (book in chinese, july 2013)



dejay / the pancakes