the pancakes in TV commercials

1. advertiser: Kowloon Motor Bus
title: popularity
started in july 2000
song: a (from les bonbons sont bons)
(this advertisement was awarded Best Use of Music - Gold under 2000 4As Creative Awards)   

2. advertiser: HSBC (credit card)
started in december 2000
song: patronage (from pancakes can panick)

3. advertiser: San Miguel (beer)
started in april 2001
3.1. being a gentleman - door door (from all already ready)
3.2. education - wala wala (from les bonbons sont bons)
3.3. relationship - bonbon2 (temp. title, unreleased)
3.4. friendship - ami ami (from all already ready)
3.5. competition - heavy metal (unreleased)
3.6. making friends - untitled (unreleased)
3.7. happy moon festival - your sister (temp. unreleased)
3.8. sharing - bonbon bonbon (with lyrics) (from pancakes can panick)
3.9. love - bingo bingo (from all already ready)
3.10. winning - rock guitar (from all already ready)
3.11. art - ich bin ein fisch (temp. title, unreleased)
3.12. 5:30 show - ich bin ein fisch instrumental (temp. title, unreleased)

4. advertiser: China Light and Power Company Limited (the pancakes and the music both appear in this tvc)
started in july 2001
songs: abenteuer, cousin cousin, dractsopeht, gzm, stupid star (all from les bonbons sont bons)

5. advertiser: San Miguel (beer)
started in september 2001
title: MTR
song: one untitled and unreleased song

6. advertiser: Qoo (soft drink)
started in august 2002
song: the Qoo song (arranged and sung only)

7. advertiser: Leisure and Cultural Services Department 康樂及文化事務署 (McDull《泳池清潔約章》)
started in july 2006
阿媽教落 (arranged only)  

8. advertiser: KIA Motors
started in september 2007
song: tell me the truth before one of us dies (from stereo radio / right)
broadcasting area: various countries in europe including france, germany, italy, spain and UK

9. advertiser: Centre for Health Protection 衛生防護中心 (McDull《返學"無"有怕》)
started in august 2009
返學"無"有怕 (arranged and sung only)

10. advertiser: Hong Kong Wetland Park 香港濕地公園 (McDull)
started in february 2010
voice over for Miss Chan Chan

11. advertiser: 紫花油
started in august 2011

12. advertiser: Red Bull
started in april 2012
song: (stupid star lyrics re-written)
full version (audio):

13. advertiser: Nestle 笨NANA
started in july 2012
song: 笨nana

14. advertiser: Nestle 笨NANA
started in april 2013
song: 笨nana (2013)

15. advertiser: 紫花油
started in september 2013
點點點 (2013)

16. advertiser: Nestle 笨NANA
started in april 2014
song: 笨nana (2014)